Items discussed at the Oct. 7 meeting at Chain O' Lakes Campground in Bellaire:

Election of officers: Chuck Green as president, Chris Heyman as vice president, James Cook as secretary/communications, David Mellor as treasurer, Eric Minish as head of sponsorships.

Continued to discuss expansion of cabinet-type positions such as those for social engagement, membership, education, events and webmaster. Committee chairs can then recruit members to be on their committee to help delegate responsibilities. If interested in being a committee chair, ask any of the officers ASAP.

Dec. 2 we'll be having a Brew Bus event to go to Charlevoix Brewing Co., where we'll brew a batch of beer, and the Bridge Street Taproom. Participants will chip in to rent the bus so none of us have to drive afterward. We also have to pick a style of beer we want to brew on their system.

Competition: The Oktoberfest homebrew-haha came down to finalists Chuck Green and Eric Minish, and we held a roast in conjunction with the competition. The vote to head the Committee for Shitty Beer was dead even at five each for their beers, so they were equally shitty.

We've added Twitter (@NMIHomebrewers) and Instagram (NMHomebrewers) accounts, so please give us a follow.

It was decided to hold regular monthly meetings at 6:30 p.m., although that could change somewhat based on how far away the location is. A officers meeting will precede that at 5:30 p.m., and committee chairs would also be welcome to attend those.

We also discussed how to make new members more comfortable by doing a better job of introducing them, both in meetings/events and through social media.