NMHG Minutes

Meeting held at Big Cat Brewing, Cedar. A big thanks to Aaron and Nikki for the hospitality!

Next month's meeting will be at Lake Charlevoix Brewing, date/time TBA.

A rep from Omega Yeast will be here for a group discussion on yeast strains, propagating yeast cells, etc., TBA.

We're looking into hosting a BJCP competition. Email info@ubrewtc.com or info@nmhomebrewers.org with style suggestions.

Max Snyder will be hosting a brew at his house for the Metallicathon this Saturday from 6 p.m.-midnight. Address is in the group Facebook chat. If you don't have it, just ask.

We're going to host another competition, this one with everyone making the same recipe, with the exception of using a different base malt. Brew a half batch by same recipe, except base malt. Draw base malt out of a hat. Everyone bring back a couple gallons (4 growlers) to Ubrew for everyone to compare.

SWAG: Eric Minish volunteers to be swag guy, getting items from area breweries as give-aways for competitions, etc. Brian Pugh has spreadsheet. Brian, James and Dave will help Eric.