NMHG 2-13-19 monthly meeting minutes

Attendance: 20.

March meeting will be at Great Lakes Malting on Cass Street. Exact date TBA. St. Ambrose in Benzonia expressed interest in hosting a future meeting.

BJCP Fresh Coast Homebrewers Competition, sponsored by Ubrew & NMHG. Pushed back to mid-April (on a Saturday). Format same as last year. Brew whatever you want. $7 per entry. Top prize to best of show. Side bet: Irish beers (free, judged by club by BJCP rules). Seeking volunteers next meeting for judges.

End of March: Base malt beer experiment. Recipe on table, available at UBrew. 10 pounds of base malt (17 to choose from), 5-gallon recipe, same hops, yeast. Meet at UBrew to compare varieties after brewing is complete.

Clay Maas offered time at his studio to make their own beer mugs this summer. Will be a charge for time.

Member taster glasses (3 per member) are now available at UBrew.

Presentation by Lance Shaner, of Chicago-based Omega Yeast Labs LLC: Chris helped set this up. Very informative presentation about their yeast offerings, including strains that can result in completed beer in as little as 5 days.