Attendance: Jim Gary, Bill Scott, Erin Minish, James Cook, Tony Jacobson, Randy Minish, Chuck Green, Chris Heyman, Craig Babiarz, Kallen McQuillen, Max Snyder, John Niedermaier, Brian Pugh, Alyson Ronald, Chris Stevens, John Roche. (16 signed in; count was believed to be 22).

We took a tour of the Terra Firma brewing facility, as well as their hop yard in back.


Wet-hop event at Brewery Terra Firma in 2-3 weeks. Pick hops from the back lot and put them straight in demo batches on the back porch.

Mike Moran from MI Local Hops invited us to a camping event at the hop farm on M-72. It'd be a Yakima-style hop harvest on a farm with over 100 acres of hops. Would be available from Aug. 26-Sept. 14, although earlier is better. Tents and RVs are welcome. Bringing children is not advised due to liability.

Also sought volunteers for a Harvest Ale picking on Aug. 27-29 for Founder's Harvest Ale.

MI Copper would be ready to pick around Sept. 8.

Email if interested.

Brian Confer of Stormcloud Brewing was in attendance and offered a brew day at the new facility when it is finished (hopefully in October).

Our Oktoberfest party is set for Oct. 7-8 at Chain O' Lakes Campground in Bellaire. The club will provide food for dinner Oct. 7 and breakfast Oct. 8. The style choice for the homebrew competition there is Dunkelweiss.

Renewing yearly memberships on the month you joined was discussed, and seemed to have overall support. We can add a month stick to the membership cards once, and update the year sticker annually when they renew.

Additional officers/committee formation was discussed more.

Membership committees duties would include hanging fliers for events, meetings, etc., to generate more interest in club functions.

Events could include hosting a national homebrew competition, as well as arranging needs for the microbrew festivals. Chris Stevens volunteered for this committee.

Prizes is responsible for rounding up prizes for homebrew competitions. Bruce has done this in the past, and extra help for him would be beneficial. Bill Scott volunteered for this committee.

Social media would enhance our online presence by adding Twitter and Instagram accounts and trying to post daily to keep interest and visibility up. James volunteered for this committee.

Marketing responsibilities were not discussed aside from bringing the banner to events, but Craig Babiarz was given the title of VP of Flibity Flabity.

September meeting/events were discussed. Bee Well was brought up, as well as possible hop events at BTF and Joel Mulder's farm.

Brewer of the Month: Dan McGee.

Fermentation Fair brought up by Kallen McQuillan. It's in Kewadin on Sept. from 2-9 p.m. at Waterfire Vineyards. They are seeking people to do demonstrations of fermentation techniques. Craig Babiarz volunteered to demo there. Others are welcome to as well.

UBrew has added Tasty Tuesdays on the fourth Tuesday of each month, 5 p.m. at the shop. Homebrewers can bring their creations (or any beer to share) and get feedback on their brews.

National Learn To Brew Day is Nov. 4, and we'll have brewing demonstration event at UBrew.

After the meeting, Max Snyder said he wants to continue Nate Smith's Metallicathon tradition at his house in early January. He'll brew in his garage, with musical accompaniment by Metallica. Members are welcome to join.