Yakima Valley Challenge

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Date(s) - 06/10/2017
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm



Booked Spaces: 8/8


Hey Gang,

Curtiss here.

I was able to score the club free some free hops from Yakima Valley Hops, but with all things free, there’s a catch: we have to report back to Yakima Valley Hops with our opinions on the hops (aromas, flavors, best types of beer suited for…), as well as take some photos of us brewing with them.

We’d like to hold a SMaSH competition with the free hops so if you’re interested sign up here. Unfortunately, hop quantities are limited as we would like to be able to give each participant some hops to use for their SMaSH (4oz) as well as give them some hops to take home with them  (4oz of a different variety) so it will be limited to 8 brewers. And for the winner of the competition? You’ll get some Yakima Valley Hops schwag, and a pound of the elusive Medusa hops to use however you like, plus a $25 gift card from UBrew.

As for the competition and data collection, everyone who participates in brewing a SMaSH would bring a few bottles/growler to UBrew on July 10th at 6pm so that we can collect results/opinions on the hops, and vote on a winner. In order to get the best impression of the hops, I think the SMaSH batches should have an OG around 1.050, with IBUs in the 30 to 50 range, using a neutral yeast. You pick the malt. Make sense?

To keep this fair, I’ll be using a randomizer to determine who gets which hops.

We’re planning on brewing the SMaSH batches at UBrew on June 10th at Noon and sampling the brews/collecting data. If you’re unable to attend the SMaSH brew day, but still want to compete, no worries, we’ll work something out.





  1. Chuck Green
  2. Curtiss Gulash
  3. Eric Minish
  4. Ted Collins
  5. Scott Zenner
  6. Tom Haug
  7. Chris Heyman
  8. Tony Jacobson



This event is fully booked.